Skid Plates

If you use your UTV for off-road adventures, it is important to protect it from damage. One way to do that is by using skid plates. Some drivers underestimate the importance of skid plates and ignore them. Most off-road trails have uneven grounds that can cause problems for your vehicle. Even when your ZForce has high ground clearance, other obstacles on the road can pose a risk. Driving your UTV without skid plates or splash guards exposes the vehicle to various damages.  Additionally, you can use skid plates to enhance your vehicle's appearance. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we stock aluminum skid plates, A-arm skid plates, UHMW skid plates, and other accessories for your CFMoto ZForce.

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Skid plates act as a line of defense against impact, dust, rocks, and other obstacles on the road. Drivers use these accessories to protect their SUVs, trucks, and side-by-side vehicles from unforeseen harm. While some drivers overlook them, skid plates can protect vital parts like the engine, transfer case, and transmission system. When driving on an off-road trail, your side-by-side’s undercarriage can hit uneven ground and stones, and all that impact can affect the UTV's differentials.

Furthermore, small stones and rocks can enter the oil pan without skid plates and cause a nuisance. If your skid plates are bad, you should consider replacing them. Driving without protecting your UTV's underbelly eventually causes minor and major damages. These damages will cost you money in repairs, so why not get skid plates instead? Depending on your preference and where you usually drive, you can choose between aluminum, UHMW plastic, hybrid, and steel skid plates.

Aluminum skid plates offer thorough protection at an affordable cost. Hybrid skids are a mixture of aluminum and UHMW plastic. They are durable and suitable for rocky terrains. UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) plastic skid plates are lightweight, and hardly dent. 

For all your CFMoto ZForce skid plate needs, think Everything CFMoto Offroad. We have a variety of skid plates in different materials and colors to protect your CFMoto ZForce.