Shocks and Springs

Since most drivers use their UTVs for off-roading, the shocks and springs can quickly wear out. Both the shocks and springs and essential parts of the suspension system. These parts work together to keep your vehicle stable on the road. Shock absorbers ensure that the tires stay in contact with the driving surface while in motion. Driving with nasty shocks can be dangerous, especially on wet, muddy, or slippery terrains. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we offer a wide range of ZForce Shock upgrades, ZForce Shock bushings, ZForce Shock adjustments, ZForce Shock replacements, ZForce Shock bushing kits, ZForce Shock spacers, and ZForce spring spacers for your side-by-side.

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In a way, springs act as cushions and protect the vehicle from road impacts. Like shocks, coil springs also keep the wheels in constant contact with the road. They link the wheels to the main vehicle body. Part of the spring's function is to keep the UTV from excessively impacting the chassis as it moves up and down. As the wheels move up, the springs extend. When the wheels move downwards, the springs compress. In a high-performance SxS like the CFMOTO ZForce, the shocks and springs must always be in good condition. 

Driving with nasty shocks and springs can be detrimental to the driver's safety. Due to the shocks and springs' location, wear and tear is the leading cause of damage. However, road impact can also affect their longevity. If your ZForce's shock absorbers are worn, you'll notice that it gets less responsive. That's very unsafe. Side-by-sides with bad shock absorbers are unstable and can make abrupt swings while turning. These faults are even more severe because UTVs usually drive on rough roads.

Apart from reducing ride quality and comfort, worn springs can also compromise your safety. As part of their functions, coil springs keep the vehicle at a suitable level. Once there's an issue with the springs, the ride height drops and becomes relatively low. Faulty springs can also cause uneven tire wear. The only way to ensure that your shocks and springs are in good condition is by carrying out routine maintenance and checks.

Using quality shocks and springs can extend the lifespan of the suspension parts. Get high-quality ZForce spring compressor, ZForce spring replacement, ZForce spring compressor tool, ZForce shock bushing kit, ZForce suspension kit, ZForce shock adjustment, ZForce shock adjustment tool, ZForce air shocks, ZForce shock bushing kit, ZForce heavy-duty shocks, ZForce shock springs from the best brands on this page.