Imagine riding your CFMoto ZForce, and the weather suddenly changes. If there is no roof over your UTV, that can be a panicking situation. Everything CFMoto Offroad sets the standard for top quality and durable ZForce rooftops and ZForce roof accessories. We have a wide range of ZForce aftermarket roofs such as ZForce roofs with radio, ZForce soft top roofs, ZForce hard tops with radio, ZForce roofs with speakers, ZForce roofs with stereo, ZForce roof liner, ZForce roofs with lights, ZForce lock and ride roof, ZForce metal roof, and ZForce roof aluminum. Whichever style of ZForce rooftop you choose, you can be sure of the coverage and luxury you desire for your side-by-side at a minimal cost.

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Driving when the elements are against you is never a pleasant experience, as everyone craves the protection and coverage that roofs bring. Automakers know this, so they fit their automobiles with rooftops, but that rule doesn't apply to side-by-sides. Finding a UTV from the factory without a roof is common. If you are not one to ride your side-by-side without a roof, aftermarket ZForce rooftops are there to save the day. Aside from weather protection, there are some reasons why you should add the ZForce rooftop to your side-by-side. First, it offers a cool, shady spot when there is none. It also prevents heat from escaping through the roof if you run a heater and completes your CFMoto ZForce. For those who use the UTV for sports, you can advertise your sponsors on your ZForce rooftop.

There are two categories of ZForce rooftops for your UTV. They are the ZForce hard roof and the ZForce soft roofs. While ZForce soft rooftops offer immediate and temporary protection from sun, rain, and dust, the ZForce hard roofs are more permanent and provide more impact protection than the soft roofs. There are different types of roofs and various materials used in making them; most are from aluminum, hard plastic, or polycarbonate materials.

Besides the roofs themselves, there are various ZForce rooftop accessories to include in your CFMoto ZForce including radio, speakers, stereo, lights, and lock and ride roof. It is easy to install and remove your aftermarket ZForce rooftops, and you can do so effortlessly with a stock roll cage. 

Customizing your UTV is one of the best parts of owning a side-by-side, but always make sure to purchase aftermarket parts that fit into your UTV, including the ZForce rooftops.