Roof Racks

Everyone loves to head on a trip with their favorite things. But that isn't possible if you are going in a side-by-side. Fortunately, that's why we have aftermarket ZForce roofs. There are many aftermarket roof rack options for each UTV model, including your CFMoto ZForce. Everything CFMoto Offroad has high-quality aftermarket ZForce roof boxes, ZForce bike racks, ZForce Kayak racks, and all other ZForce roof racks and components to fit your style and needs. Moreover, we offer the best deals here. Take your side-by-side adventures to the next level when you shop the durable roof racks on this page.

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A side-by-side may not come off like the right vehicle for a road trip if it is an adventure where you need some luggage, camp equipment, or your favorite bike. They do not have much-holding capacity on the inside; this is where roof racks come in handy.

The Roof Rack or roof bar is a unique accessory attached to the roof of your UTV to maximize its carrying capacity. It is also a valuable accessory for conveying bigger items like surfboards, bicycles, kayaks, etc. The ZForce roof racks are easy to use and can last for the entire lifetime of the CFMoto ZForce.

The ZForce Roof racks don't come in standard; you would need to mount them on your side-by-side if the need for extra space arises. Most roof racks are made of aluminum or steel and come in different types depending on the UTV model and the owner's requirement. One style doesn't fit all, and you should know the kind that fits your UTV model and use that. ZForce roof racks come with side rails, towers, and mounts and can carry up to 75kg of weight. When carrying items on your ZForce roof rack, tie the equipment with four contact points to give it stability. 

If the things are not stable, they could fall off and become a safety hazard to you and those around you. Always ensure that your roof racks are sturdy, versatile, and high-quality. You can rest assured that the roof racks from Everything CFMoto Offroad have all of these qualities.