Front Differential

The ZForce front differential is a tiny component but is still super important for your ZForces handling. The ZForce front differential is a part of your drivetrain, and you can't drive without it. You won't have proper control over the UTV which makes it unsafe to drive.

The ZForce front differential can fail due to many reasons. If you notice that your ZForce front differential has failed, you need to get it fixed or replaced immediately. Whether you are looking for parts to repair your front differential, rebuild kits to try to revive it, or a complete ZForce front differential replacement, you can find everything you need at Everything CFMoto Offroad.

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What does your ZForce front different do that you can't drive without? Well, it controls the speed at which your front wheels spin when turning. The outer wheel on your ZForce needs to cover more distance when taking turns compared to the inner wheel. If both spin at the same speed, your ZForce will skid out of track. Imagine this happening when you are offroading. The results could be fatal.

 Why does the ZForce front differential fail in the first place? One of the main reasons for it to fail is aftermarket modifications. The stock ZForce front differential can barely handle its power and torque. When you increase them with performance upgrades or gear reductions, the additional stress on the ZForce front differential causes it to fail. Even if you haven't done any major modifications, eventually your ZForce front differential parts would wear off due to the rough miles you put into it. 

 The symptoms of a failing ZForce front differential are easy to spot. It starts with vigorous vibrations when accelerating and taking turns. You will also hear grinding noises when turning. Oil leaks are also a common sight. If you run with a faulty ZForce front differential for a while, you will notice uneven tire wear.

 Once you notice these symptoms, continuously driving your ZForce is not a good idea. You need to get it fixed or replaced ASAP.

 If you are running upgrades on your rig, you shouldn't consider upgrading your ZForce front differential to an aftermarket differential that can handle the power and torque. A rebuild or repair will only be a temporary fix. If you haven't tweaked your ZForce power output, then you can try to salvage your existing ZForce front differential. Whatever you are planning to do with your ZForce front differential, we are here to help. Get everything you need from the best manufacturers around with Everything CFMoto Offroad.