Radius Arms

Poor and laggy steering wheels result from a bad suspension system. One of the reasons for this is a broken or worn-out radius arm or radius rod. Equip your CFMoto ZForce with quality ZForce radius arms plates and lower radius rods from Everything CFMoto offroad to harness the smooth handling of your UTV. We also have radius rod braces, radius rod bushings, and all radius rod components here at Everything CFMoto Offroad. Why wait when you can upgrade to a more quality aftermarket ZForce radius arm for your steering pleasure? If you need help or valuable information on ZForce installation, we are here to help you.

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The ZForce radius arm or ZForce radius rod is a suspension component that links the axle or wheel carrier to the chassis. The suspension system uses two lower radius arms attached above and below the axle's center line.

Its primary function is to enhance the steering precision, feel, and grip of your CFMoto ZForce. It also helps to absorb and control the vehicle's wheel motion in a linear direction. ZForce Radius arms were made of stamped steel or aluminum for lightness, but now, we have numerous options with improved composite materials.

Radius arms vary in types and sizes for side-by-sides. The kind of radius arms depends on how they are mounted at both the chassis and diff ends. 

OEM radius arms come standard in UTVs but can easily snap in two. High-clearance radius arms are the way for smoother rides and more reliable handling. Although there is nothing wrong with driving OEM or factory radius rod, upgrading saves you the stress of your radius rod snapping in the middle of a trip. In addition, there are two advantages to upgrading your ZForce radius arms from the basic ones to high-clearance ZForce radius arms. First, it enables more ground clearance, and second, it gives more strength.

Suppose you notice symptoms of broken or worn-out radius rods such as clunking noise when you accelerate or brake, excessive and uneven wear on tires, and loss of steering when turning corners. In that case, it is time to replace your ZForce radius arm immediately to avoid further damage to your suspension system.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your worn ZForce radius arms, you’re at the right place. The radius arms we have here at Everything CFMoto Offroad are sure to benefit your side-by-side with better strength and more ground clearance