Rack and Pinions

Driving with a bad ZForce steering rack or a ZForce steering pinion can be a nuisance. Not only that, but it is also dangerous, especially when offroading. The steering will start to move freely and you'll have a hard time trying to control it. Basically, you will no longer have complete control over the vehicle.

If you notice that your ZForce rack and pinion have failed, you need to get it fixed or replaced ASAP. Finding quality parts to repair, rebuild or replace the ZForce rack and pinion is no easy task. Thankfully, at Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have ZForce rack and pinion replacements, rack, and pinion rebuild kits, and even the smallest parts like the tie rod ends.

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Whether you use your ZForce for work or play, you are constantly putting strain on the machine. Though most of it is built to absorb rough use, the rack and pinion on your ZForce will fail sooner than later. Hauling weight and offroading puts a lot of stress on the ZForce rack and pinion which leads them to failure.

Is it okay to drive with a failing ZForce rack and pinion? To be safe when riding your ZForce, you should avoid riding it when you notice symptoms of rack and pinion failure. You will not be able to control the rig as you used to which could spell trouble.

There are a few symptoms that you need to look out for to pinpoint a bad ZForce steering rack or a bad ZForce steering pinion. First off, it'll be hard to control the rig as it will tend to wander off. Sometimes this goes unnoticed when offroading since you are already working hard on the steering. So, look for steering fluid leaks or a burning smell. ZForce rack and pinion problems often start with fluid leaks and the high temperatures will result in a burning smell as well. Finally, you will hear grinding noises when you turn the steering. Keep an eye out for these symptoms and get your ZForce rack and pinion fixed before it becomes fatal.

Once you find out that your ZForce rack and pinion need repair, do not turn to the OEM parts that failed you in the first place. Get yourself some heavy-duty parts from Everything CFMoto Offroad so that your rack and pinion can withstand your driving. We have heavy-duty parts that are made to withstand anything you throw at it.

Whether you are looking ZForce tie rods, tie rod ends, a ZForce steering rack, a ZForce steering pinion, or any other component related to the ZForce rack and pinion, you'll find them all at Everything CFMoto Offroad.