Prop Shafts

The prop shaft transmits rotational torque from your UTV’s transmission to the differential. The differential then delivers the torque to the driving axle or wheels. Due to friction, the prop shaft is prone to wear. You can find replacement prop shafts for your CFMoto ZForce at Everything CFMoto Offroad. Here, we stock all the aftermarket parts you need for your UTV. Check out our superior selection of prop shaft parts from leading manufacturers to upgrade your UTV. We also have related parts like ZForce prop shaft roll pin, prop shaft u-joint, prop shaft bearing, and prop shaft carrier bearing.

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Most side-by-sides are shaft driven. Sometimes, people refer to prop shafts as torque carriers. The reason is that they transport torque between components far from each other. Different vehicles use different types of prop shafts and the drivetrain configuration significantly affects the kind of prop shaft your side-by-side uses. 4WD UTVs like the CFMoto ZForce mostly use a single-piece prop shaft. The drawback of this propeller shaft type is that it's lightweight and can easily damage since it is manufactured with aluminum. Single-piece prop shafts are also costly to manufacture. 

When the prop shaft goes bad, your vehicle makes several uncomfortable noises. The most common sign of a failing propeller shaft is vibration from under the car. You can also experience difficulty in turning the UTV. The difficulty in turning is primarily a problem of a failing u-joint. UTVs with defective prop shafts also make a loud clunking noise when the driver engages the shifter. Another sign is that the vehicle shudders during acceleration. The clunking noise is from a faulty u-joint, while the shudders could be from a loose u-joint or a faulty carrier bearing.

There's also a squeaking noise during low speeds and clicking or knocking noise. If you get the squeaks, then your u-joint needs lubrication. You can solve the issue by using a lubricant on the u-joint. As for the clicking or knocking noise, it indicates a worn-out CV joint. Most prop shaft problems stem from a worn or broken u-joint. Metal stress and rust can also damage your prop shaft. If your UTV is high on mileage and the CV joint is defective, we advise that you replace the prop shafts simultaneously.

For durable and strong prop shafts, Everything CFMoto is your one-stop shop. Get all the kits and tools you need to upgrade and replace your prop shaft on this page.