Power Steering Kits

Only a few selected models of the ZForce roll out of the factory with power steering. If your ZForce doesn't have power steering, do not worry. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have aftermarket ZForce power steering kits and ZForce electrical power steering for your ZForce.

If you do not have power steering on your ZForce, you do not know what you are missing on. It makes a world of difference when offroading and during everyday rides. Whether you are looking to upgrade your ZForce steering or looking to repair your steering unit, use this opportunity to get a ZForce power steering kit.

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Tire upgrades can significantly  reduce torque and power. The bigger the tires, the longer it takes for them to turn. As you might know, torque is the amount of power your engine produces to move the tires. If the engine produces more torque, you'll get a faster acceleration rate. On the other hand, less torque from the engine equals higher speed with a slow acceleration rate and less power. Now, if you usually ride through thick mud or rocky terrains, you'll need more power over speed. The answer to increasing your ride height and keeping your power intact is a portal gear lift.

As an off-road vehicle suspension technology, portal gear lifts reduce your vehicle gear ratio. Gear reduction is the result of installing a portal gear lift, and it reduces speed while increasing the torque at the output shaft. Portal gear lifts work for most UTV driving styles like mudding, rock crawling, and racing. However, it is especially great for mudding and rock crawling. With a tire upgrade and gear reduction, riders can quickly move through mud like it's nothing.

Another good thing about portal gear lifts is that it doesn't place your drive train parts under strain. We can't say the same for a traditional lift kit. Once you get tire upgrades on your side-by-side, the next move should be installing a portal gear lift. Before you install a portal system, you need to calculate the gear reduction you need.  

Are you ready to get portal gear lifts? If yes, then check the different options available on this page.