Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

Regular engine oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle in top condition. Most UTV riders remember to change the engine oil, but how about other fluids? After an interval, you should change your engine oil and inspect other fluids. Everything CFMoto Offroad has a wide selection of high-quality transmission fluid, differential fluid, gearbox fluid, and brake fluid of various specs. We also have different transmission oil substitutes for your ZForce. Manufacturers usually provide the oil weight and reservoir capacity in the owner's manual. We carry replacement air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters at Everything CFMoto Offroad. You can find different oil types to suit your Zforce.

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Due to factors like contamination, heat, and pressure, motor oil breaks down after a while. When oil breaks down, it's unable to perform basic functions like lubrication. As a result, your engine parts start wearing out from friction. Oil changes are an opportunity to check other fluids and components. During your oil change, inspect the transmission fluid, gearbox fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Also, check on your air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter.

A dirty oil filter reduces the amount of oil that gets to the engine and eventually causes engine sputtering. If the air filter has too much dirt, it can restrict cold air from reaching the engine. Low fuel pressure and engine misfire are the downsides of a dirty fuel filter.

Get your oil change kit, engine oil, and fluids from our site. You can also find a replacement aftermarket filter here. 

How Often Should You Change Your Oil and Filter?

Side-by-sides are quite different from your everyday cars, and when you change your oil, fluids and filters varies with usage. 

 It is advisable to have a particle separator, or service your ZForce’s air filter after each ride. When your air filter contains lots of dirt, there’s a high chance that the dirt will sneak into the intake and engine, thereby contaminating the oil.

The owner’s manual on your CFMoto ZForce is a great guide to help you set your servicing schedule. It is better to change your oil too often, than too little.

Check out our wide selection of oils, fluids, and filters, designed to keep your CFMoto ZForce properly lubricated at all times.