Molle Panel and Accessories

Leave not a single piece of gear behind thanks to our CFMoto ZForce Molle Panels and Accessories shop category, a place where you can make the most out of your CFMoto UTV! Discover the best Molle panels, designed to fit perfectly with your ZForce. Our selection includes versatile hooks, durable storage zipped pocket bags, custom-fitted Molle plates, convenient pouches, and secure buckles, all tailored to meet your specific organizational needs. Ideal for keeping essential tools at hand or for securing larger, heavier items, our collection is designed to make every outing more organized and enjoyable. Invest in our Molle Panels & Accessories category today and transform your ZForce into a true force of storage solutions!

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What to Look Out for When Buying CFMoto ZForce Molle Panels and Accessories?

Assess Your Carrying Needs for the ZForce

Think about the size and type of items you'll be carrying with you on your adventures.

Molle panel strips are a flexible solution for smaller pieces of gear, while roomy Molle-adapted storage bags and pouches are ideal for bulkier items like camping gear or first aid kits. 

Larger or heavier gear might necessitate robust Molle plates and hooks to keep everything secure in your ZForce.

Just scroll through our site, look at what every type of Molle is intended to carry, and make your choice accordingly.

Storage Capacity and Weight Bearing

The effectiveness of a Molle system for the CFMoto ZForce heavily depends on its ability to support different weights across different types of anchors, hooks, and storage bags/pouches/pockets.

To make that happen, look for panels with durable attachment points, often crafted from materials like nylon webbing. 

Panels with reinforced backings offer additional load-bearing strength. The chosen panel should be capable of handling your gear's weight and volume, no matter where you go.

Durability and Security

Durability is, and will always be an essential factor, especially for off-roading adventures where gear tends to fly off if not properly fastened.

Panels are typically made from sturdy materials like nylon or polyester, known for their durability and resistance to harsh conditions. 

Some panels might be made from aluminum for greater resilience. Also, consider the strength of hooks and fixtures, as they are crucial in ensuring that your items stay secure within your CFMoto ZFORCE.


The style of the Molle panels can enhance the overall look of your ZForce and make it look more utilitarian and cool.

Panels that project a rugged, tactical appearance are popular for that reason. Choose colors and designs that match your personal style and the adventurous spirit of the ZForce.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can find Molle Panels & Accessories that not only fulfill your functional needs but also complement the unique style and capabilities of your CFMoto ZForce.