Long Travel Kits

The CFMoto ZForce is one of the leanest UTVs in the market. It sits at less than 60 inches stock. You might have seen people riding around with wide suspensions on the street, what is the deal with those rigs? Though many UTVs are wider than the ZForce, more often than not, the reason why some rigs look wide is that they are fitted with long travel kits.

Having a wider UTV is not only about looks. By adding a ZForce long travel kit to your rig you can get unmatched control on the trail, track, or at your work site. So why not get a ZForce long travel suspension kit, ZForce long travel axles, or ZForce long travel shocks from Everything CFMoto Offroad?

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Before you invest in a ZForce long travel kit, you might be wondering what is a ZForce long travel kit. A ZForce long travel kit is basically a suspension overhaul. We provide you with longer A-arms, axles, tie rods, and radius arms for your ZForce. This will widen your suspension. Depending on the width you desire, you can add 3 to 6 inches per side. With a 6-inch ZForce long travel kit, you'll increase the width of your ZForce by a whopping 12 inches.

 The first thing you notice with a ZForce long travel kit is how the looks improve. It's true that a wider UTV will look much cooler than your stock ZForce. Plus, by widening your rig, you'll be pushing your tires further out. This leaves more room for you to upgrade to those large tires you've always wanted.

 But looks aren't the only benefit you gain by attaching a ZForce long travel kit. The wider base that you get with this upgrade makes it harder to tip over. This means you can ride faster and make harder turns when approaching a corner. This will give you the edge you need when racing with your buddies on the track. 

You also get a rig that is more comfortable to ride in by attaching a ZForce long travel kit. Even when riding over rough terrain, you'll feel as if you are riding on a cloud inside your ZForce.

 Whether you are looking for an entire ZForce long travel kit with the A-arms, axles, tie rods, and radius rods or looking for these parts individually, we've got you covered at Everything CFMoto Offroad. We got everything you need to add a few inches of width to your rig.