Heat Shields

As the name implies, a heat shield is simply a barrier that stops or limits heat from getting through. Though heat shields aren't compulsory for cars, you need to have heatshields on your ZForce. Your ZForce exhaust head can reach temperatures of up to 700°F. This can easily melt the plastic body on your ZForce. And if your skin comes close to the pipes, you might get singed.

With ZForce heat shields from Everything CFMoto Offroad, you can stay cool inside the cockpit of your rig and protect at-risk parts of your ZForce from the excessive engine and exhaust temperatures. Be it an individual ZForce heat shield for the exhaust or an entire ZForce heat shield kit for the dash, console, and foot area of your rig, you can find them all here.

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Have you ever noticed your exhaust glowing after a day of hard riding? This happens more often than you think, especially if you are offroading. If you have been burnt by this heat before, you know how dangerous and damaging it could be. At that temperature, the heat released from your engine or exhaust can easily melt the body or damage electrical wiring and accessories. It can easily chip a few years off the lifespan of your ZForce.

Thankfully, you can suppress all the heat generated by your engine and exhaust using ZForce heat shields from Everything CFMoto Offroad. ZForce heat shields offer much-needed insulation for your cabin as well. In the ZForce, the engine is right under your seat. This results in a ton of heat radiating into the cockpit. This is why your rig feels like a frying pan after riding for a few hours. A ZForce foot heat shield or a ZForce under-seat heat shield will mitigate the transfer of heat from the engine into the cockpit as much as possible.

Similarly, you can add heat shields to protect other areas of your ZForce as well. Make sure to add extra protection electrical components and wiring that make up the ZForce. If you don't want to individually search and add heatshields to your rig, you can get a complete ZForce heatshields kit from Everything CFMoto Offroad. This offers all the pieces needed to protect your ZForce from extreme temperatures.

Protect your ZForce from itself with top-of-the-line ZForce heat shields and other protective accessories. We got the best heat shields from manufacturers like Design Engineering, HMF Racing, Custom Dynamics, and UTV Inc among others.