Hand Controls

ZForce hand controls allow you to operate the accelerator and brake pedals on the ZForce using your hands rather than your foot. It doesn’t matter if you cannot slam the pedals on your ZForce, you can still have fun with ZForce hand controls from Everything CFMoto Offroad. These ZForce hand controls allow you to have full control of your ZForce when offroading even if you are physically challenged. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have all types of ZForce hand controls. Whether you are looking for the standard push/pull hand controls or something like the push/twist, push/rock, or push/right angle hand controls, we have them all.

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It's a common misconception that hand controls can only be mounted on domestic vehicles such as cars and SUVs. With advancements in modern technology, you can now get hand controls installed even in your ZForce. Installing and using hand controls on a UTV can be a bit tricky. Unlike a car, a UTV will take on rugged terrain. This means that you need to be able to keep your hands on the steering wheel as much as possible. Still, with the right set of hand controls from Everything CFMoto Offroad, you can take your ZForce offroading just as well as the next guy.

 You are probably used to the standard push-and-pull system which pulls toward the driver's chest. Though this is great for paved roads, if you want to take offroading to the extreme, this is not the best option. With this, you might have to take your hands off the steering wheel for longer periods of time. 

 What we recommend is the push/rock type ZForce hand controls. This is one of the latest hand control innovations and is quickly becoming popular among driving evaluators. This will allow you to keep your hands on the steering wheel as much as possible, giving you proper control over the terrain you ride on. Plus this is also easy to install on a UTV such as the ZForce.

 At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we only bring you the best aftermarket ZForce hand controls. These have been tried and tested by experts for durability, reliability, and most importantly, safety.