ECU Tuners

Want to get a performance upgrade on your ZForce but don’t want to spend the time and money that goes into attaching aftermarket parts? You should consider getting a tune-up using a ZForce ECU tuner. Like many modern automobiles, your ZForce is controlled by an ECU, which is the brain of your ZForce. With a simple tune-up, you can hack the system to get more power delivered to your wheels.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, you’ll find every ZForce ECU tuner known to man. Even if you do not know how to tune your ZForce on your own, we have pre-programmed ZForce tuners which only require you to plug it in.

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So, what does a ZForce ECU tuner do? Your ZForce ECU controls features like the air-fuel ratio during combustion, engine RPMs, and ignition timing. To do this job, it uses multiple sensors laid across your ZForce like the O2 sensor, engine temperature and oil pressure sensors, water temperature sensor, and many more. These sensors feed data to the ECU. According to the data, your ECU will automatically configure the systems. If not, you can use your ZForce ECU tuner to manually configure the ECU.

You might have noticed that we mentioned that the ECU controls engine RPMs. This feature is known as the RPM limiter. It limits your capabilities to redline your ZForce engine. The main reason for this is to keep the rider safe. This is a great feature until you take your first steps on your ZForce, but after that, the rev limiter is a burden. Since the ECU is in control of it, with the right ZForce ECU tuner, you can remove the limiter and get your ZForce running to its fullest potential.

Similarly, the ECU also controls the air-fuel ratio. This is controlled by the data received from the sensors. With time, these sensors wear off or get damaged. Especially if you are offroading through mud bogs and deep pools of water in your ZForce. With time, the air-fuel raion in your ZForce will be slightly off. By using a ZForce ECU tuner, you can get the ratio reset and your machine working with maximum fuel efficiency.

If you are an experienced tuner and love to work on the details yourself, we have ZForce ECU tuners that allow you to work on every aspect of your ZForce. You can tune your rig according to your needs. If you aren’t familiar with tuning, you can get a pre-programmed ZForce ECU tuner which only requires being plugged in. Either way, we got all the ZForce ECU tuners you need on Everything CFMoto Offroad.