Drive Belts

The drive belt transfers power from the engine to the transmission. To put it in simple terms, without your drive belt, your ZForce will cease to function. The stock ZForce driving belt is not suitable for heavy usage. If you are offroading a lot, riding through neck-deep mud bogs, or hauling a lot of weight, you will soon start to wear out your drive belt.

To avoid replacing your ZForce drive belt often, you need to get an aftermarket drive belt from Everything CFMoto Offroad. After buying a good aftermarket drive belt from us, you don’t need to stress about it ripping on the trail.

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There are symptoms you need to keep an eye out for regarding your OEM ZForce drive belt. If you hear squealing noises from your ZForce, or if your engine is regularly overheating, you need to take a peak at the drive belt. There is no better way to identify a failing drive belt than a physical inspection. With time you’ll see abrasions, rib separation, uneven rib wear, and damaged ribs on your stock ZForce drive belt. Sometimes it might even fail without showing any symptoms if you push your machine too far.

If you think that your drive belt is about to fail or is showing signs of wear, use this opportunity to get your drive belt upgraded. By upgrading to a strong and durable drive belt, you can push your ZForce as you’ve never done before.

So, what makes a good drive belt? A good drive belt is made using the most advanced technology to keep it intact even when your engine is pushed to its limits. The material should be able to withstand heat. Even though drive belts are built using a rubber-based material, they shouldn’t melt when the engine heats up. The belt should also be flexible so it doesn’t crack or rip when times are tough.

There are hundreds of drive belt manufacturers out there. Not all drive belts you see in the market are good. Some might be even worse than your OEM belt. Even worse, if you choose a drive belt that doesn’t suit your ZForce, you might end up damaging other components of your drivetrain.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have hand-picked the best drive belts available in today's market. These are manufactured to the exact specifications of the ZForce. We have drive belts from manufacturers like SuperATV, Trinity Racing, High Lifter, Evolution Power Sports, and a few others.