If you plan your next camping, road trip, or work and are wondering how to keep your food fresh while at it, you’re at the right place. Everything CFMoto Offroad has durable ZForce coolers in stock. From ZForce soft coolers, and cooler boxes to ZForce under-seat coolers, ZForce in-bed coolers, ZForce cooler bags, and ZForce ice chest. Whether you want to up your on-the-road snack game or have a cold drink with ZForce coolers, we’ve got you covered. You can have your food however you want, irrespective of weather, time, or location. We have hundreds of warming or freezing coolers that best fit your CFMoto ZForce.

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It is always satisfying to have some cold drinks, food, or snacks handy when going on an adventure or doing work. But what good are they if they go wrong or get too hot in summer and cold during winter? The ZForce coolers are for such purposes, and they have a thickened inner tank that keeps items cold or warm for longer. Their adjustable partitions can distinguish hard and soft things to prevent soft things from being crushed.

Coolers are classified according to type, size and volume, cooling capability, and closure system. You will be spoilt for choice with hundreds of different classes of aftermarket ZForce coolers. The best ones will depend on your need and how much space you have in your side-by-side. While some coolers can hold as little as three cans of drink, others can hold as much as more than 60 cans.

The temperature of the ZForce coolers also varies, but one can keep everything chilled to a temperature of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. ZForce coolers can be plastic, nylon, heavy-duty vinyl, or canvas materials. 

Electric or plug-in ZForce coolers are also available; these work like mini refrigerators rather than relying on ice. Electric ZForce coolers come with a 12-volt power, requiring you to plug them into your UTV's accessory or AC outlet. They have a compressor, and you can set them to specific temperatures.

Some coolers also have accessories like LED Touch controls and wheels. Moreover, you can buy ZForce tie-down straps to keep your cooler secure or buy them with locks to stop them from sliding around while you are in motion. Browse through our extensive collection of CFMoto ZForce coolers to keep your drinks and food chilled.