Cargo Racks

Extra room to carry your gear when you are going on a long trip makes a world of difference. Whether you are carrying luggage, camping gear, fishing or hunting gear, or even a bicycle on your ZForce, we got the right cargo rack for you. 

Whatever you need to carry on your ZForce, we have the right ZForce cargo rack for you. Now you can carry your goods in an organized manner. We don't eat up your payload capacity with our cargo racks either. By using lightweight aluminum frames, we ensure that you get a light yet strong cargo rack. Whether you want a ZForce cargo rack on your hood, roof, or back, we got you covered.

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Your ZForce doesn't offer the most room to carry cargo. So, cramming everything you need to carry into the small space is not a good idea. Not only will it make the journey uncomfortable, but it will also make it dangerous. If the weight isn't distributed evenly, you could end up toppling your rig. Even if nothing bad happens immediately, keep in mind that you'll be damaging your shocks and other components in your rig.

 You need to be able to balance your cargo so that the weight is distributed evenly to all four wheels. 

 A hitch-mounted cargo rack is a great way to increase your carry capacity. It takes no room in your cabin itself, but rather extends out of your UTV. But these cargo racks sit in a low position. So this might not be suitable for extreme offroading as you might scrape it on rocks and other obstacles in the terrain. But they are a great way to carry coolers, game, or other supplies. 

 A hood-mounted front rack is also a great way to carry cargo. But you shouldn't overload it as it might block your view. 

 We also offer roof cargo racks. These are great because they offer large storage space and are great to carry odd-shaped items.

 One of the things that are often ignored when talking about ZForce cargo racks is the protection it offers. Whether you get a roof rack or a hood rack, it acts as an additional layer of protection for the body of your rig. 

 At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got all types of ZForce cargo racks to fit your needs. We offer cargo racks from manufacturers like Bad Dawg, Kolpin, Razorback Offroad, Moose, etc...