Cab Enclosures

Offroading can get dirty sometimes. More often than not, you'd return home covered in dirt. But what if you can stay dry and clean inside your ZForce even when offroading? Get a layer of protection around you and the interior of your ZForce with soft or hard ZForce cab enclosures.

Stay warm and safe inside your cabin no matter the environmental condition. Whether it is rain, snow, sand, dust, or mud, you can come home without being drenched or a single smear of dirt on your outfit. Whatever ZForce cab enclosures you are looking for, you can find them at Everything CFMoto Offroad.

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To be good at offroading, you need to be able to stay comfortable. That is easier said than done. A few minutes on the trail and you’d be covered in mud and dirt. That’s just half of it, you need to battle the weather as well. Whether it is rain, the mid-day sun, or the cold winds of winter, offroading is not easy if your rig isn’t ready for it. Even day-to-day work on your ZForce is hard when you are exposed to the elements. This is why you need ZForce cab enclosures.

Depending on your riding, you need to choose between soft and hard cab enclosures. Hard ZForce cab enclosures give you a great deal of protection. They form a shell around your ZForce, that’ll even keep its shape in case of a rollover. Other than protecting you from the elements, ZForce hard cab enclosures also protect you from impacts.

Hard cab enclosures are fixed onto your ZForce. This means installing and removing them takes time. Soft cab enclosures on the other hand are very versatile. They are easy to store and easy to carry. You can keep it in the back of your ZForce and put it up when needed. 

Cab enclosures also provide possibilities for other upgrades. They allow you to get air conditioning or cab heaters inside your ZForce. Keep in mind that they work better with hard cab enclosures.

Whatever type of cab enclosures you are looking for, you’ll find them at Everything CFMoto Offroad. We have strong and durable cab enclosures from some of the best manufacturers around. We endorse ZForce cab enclosures from manufacturers like SuperATV, SideXSide Enclosures, Greene Mountain, GCL, and a few more trusted brands.