We all love the thrill that comes with riding your side-by-side. The speed and power are unmatched, but sometimes you need to grind to a sudden halt, and for that, you need superior stopping power. Everything CFMoto has a wide selection of ZForce brake pads, ZForce brake fluids, ZForce parking brakes, and ZForce emergency brakes. Be it carbon brake or sintered brake pads from the top brands, you can find them here. Also, our selection of brake shoes, brake fluid, brake rotors, cables, and brake lines all help to ensure that you have a reliable braking system. Everything CFMoto is an excellent choice for all your brake part needs.


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For many side-by-side riders, the most important things are speed and power, and braking is a distant third. To an extent, that is understandable, as slowing down isn't the most breathtaking action. However, if you've ever tried to slow down unsuccessfully, you'll better appreciate the functionality of brakes. Here at Everything CFMoto, we know how important your braking system is. To help you forestall any brake failure issues, we've stocked the best ZForce brakes you can find anywhere. 

Brake pads are easily the most replaced part of the braking system. They are cheap to replace and wear out faster than other components. Choosing which aftermarket brake pads are best for you can be challenging, so we've covered the different brake pads with their strengths/weaknesses. 

Types of Brake Pads

Sintered Brake Pads

These brake pads are built with a hybrid material that combines ceramic or other build materials. Sintered brake pads are the most durable pad for UTVs. While they can withstand heat better than most materials, they can also be noisy. A sintered brake pad is an excellent option if you often ride on wet or muddy terrains.

Organic Brake Pads

Built with compressed and fused non-metallic fibers, organic brake pads are quiet, firm, and responsive. Additionally, organic brake pads are the most affordable for your side-by-side. On the flip side, the brake pads don't last as long as the others and tend to leave dust on the rotor as they wear out. Organic brake pads are your best bet if you use your UTV for leisurely rides only.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

These brake pads are built with alloys, metals, and fillers, representing the middle ground between sintered and organic brake pads. Semi-metallic brake pads grip well, can withstand heat, and are relatively durable, but not as durable as sintered brake pads. You'll find these brake pads helpful if your side-by-side doesn't go through muddy and wet terrains. On the flip side, they are susceptible to glazing when used for a long time.

Before shopping for brake pads and other brake accessories, you must consider your riding style and terrain. Notwithstanding Everything CFMotor Offroad offers a wide selection of aftermarket brake replacement parts that suit your budget and riding needs.