Body Panels and Accessories

If you want to upgrade your side-by-side’s looks, functions, or power, Everything CFMoto Offroad has all the body parts you need. Browse through our collection of durable ZForce body lifts, ZForce rear panels, ZForce rocker panels, ZForce body armor, ZForce rear glass panels, and other body accessories for your UTV. Whether you’re an offroad enthusiast, an avid hunter, or use your UTV for work, there are endless possibilities for how you can style your ZForce. The body panels and accessories you’ll find here are from top brands, meaning you can get the best functionality and fun from your vehicle without compromising quality.

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Side-by-sides are wonderful machines. In addition to their speed and power, one of the standout qualities of a UTV is their versatility. Your CFMoto is like a blank canvas and provides the perfect framework for modifications. With the large selection of body parts and accessories on Everything CFMoto Offroad, you can modify your ZForce to truly reflect you. While the body frame of your machine is built to endure the rigors of challenging terrains, you still need to take proper care of its bodywork. 

How to Take Care of Your CFMoto ZForce

One of the most important things to do is clean your machine. Your CFMoto ZForce deserves a good scrub down as soon as you finish using it. Cleaning your machine after use makes the process easier, as dirt and grime are generally more difficult to clean when dry. Moreover, leaving dirt on the frame can lead to corrosion. You can keep your ZForce looking as good as new with proper routine care.

Steps to clean your UTV

Cleaning your CFMoto ZForce is no different from washing your truck. You’ll need rags, brushes, and degreasers to perform this task. Here are some simple steps to ensure that your ZForce is always shiny.

  • Spray all over your machine with water (warm water is preferable) and your preferred cleaning solution. Make sure to touch all plastic pieces, including the wheels, tires, handlebars, and frame. 

  • Use a degreasing product to clean the sprockets, chain, and other places where the lubrication has attracted dirt. Do not use degreasers on plastic parts.

  • Use a muffler plug to prevent water from entering the exhaust pipe.

  • Scrub all parts with mild soap and brush/rag. Be careful if you are using a pressure washer.

  • Finally, dry your UTV with a microfiber cloth or heavy towel and shine with a silicone spray.

Whether you use your CFMoto for fun or work, these cleaning tips keep your SxS spotless and save you some bucks. If you’re a DIYer and need to customize your UTV, we’ve got ZForce body parts, ZForce door accent panels, ZForce side panels, and other parts for all ZForce body styles. Check through our catalog and select your body panels and accessories built with tough and quality materials from the leading brands.