Ball Joints

Side-by-sides go through some tough terrain regularly, and as a result, owners have to change certain parts regularly. One of the most overlooked parts of UTVs is the ball joints. Although they last long, bad ball joints can damage your ZForce. Are you searching for the best ball joints for your CFMoto ZForce? Look no further; Everything CFMoto Offroad offers a great selection of UTV ball joints from industry-leading brands designed for your ZForce. You can be confident that the ball joints you find on this page are built to withstand the rigors of the most rugged terrains. You’re welcome to look through the quality ball joints on offer here. 

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The ball joints on your side-by-side connect the wheels to the suspension, allowing for smooth movement in the suspension system. Consisting of a socket and a bearing stud, ball joint failure is a rare issue for UTVs. However, you expect the ball joints to fail after riding for a long time, especially along bumpy terrain. Ball joints can get faulty if grease escapes or grit and dirt get inside. Some signs of a broken ball joint include drifting steering and a clunking noise. If you notice your UTV wiggling or jolting up and down, that’s a sign that you need to replace it.

Symptoms of Worn Ball Joints

  • Clunky noises

  • Squeaky or creaky sounds

  • Uneven tire wear

  • Drifting to the left or right

How To Check Ball Joints

Since ball joints last longer than most UTV parts, they’re easily forgotten. However, they can wear out over time, especially if you visit challenging terrains often. It is not advisable to ignore a worn ball joint, and you should inspect the ball joint if you suspect wear. We must warn that replacing a ball joint can be tricky, especially with rust and age. On some UTVs, the ball joint is merged with the control arm, and more often than not, they have to be replaced in matching pairs or sets. If you are not a DIY type, it is best to visit a professional.

On the whole, ball joints play a vital part in the suspension and steering of your UTV and are built to last for a long time. On the other hand, faulty ball joints can lead to damage. Everything CFMoto Offroad has a wide selection of ball joints that ensure you never lose control of your side-by-side.