One of the most common problems for UTVs is broken axles. You’re probably here because your CV joints are worn out, you need new CFMoto ZForce axles, or you need to replace your ZForce rear axle bearings. Fortunately, there are lots of aftermarket axle options for your ZForce. While some aftermarket axles offer increased angles, others improve durability and strength. Whether you use your ZForce for racing or offroading, it is important to get quality axles that don’t break the bank. Welcome to Everything CFMoto Offroad. Here we carry ZForce CV boot replacement kits, ZForce, axle guards, and all other axle needs for your CFMoto ZForce.

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There are so many ways to modify your side-by-side, and some of them, like chassis modifications, engine performance, bigger tires, and lift kits, put additional stress on your axles. Also, side-by-sides like the CFMoto Zforce put a lot of pressure on the axles due to how they are used. The level of strain varies from one terrain to another. For instance, riding through rocky terrains can cause sudden impact leading to a scenario where your axles are overwhelmed. Also, muddy terrains put a lot of strain on the rotating axles.

Well, you might say that’s what axles are built for. Yes, axles are designed to withstand all of that strain. However, they can also break down under intense pressure. We’ve seen instances where the axles wear out and break at the CV joints, and in severe cases, the axles themselves become bent. If you’ve experienced any of these issues with your CFMoto ZForce, all you need do is shop from our range of excellent products that are a great fit for your side-by-side. 

Another critical part of this system is the CV boots. The CV boots help to protect the joints and keep them free from grease and dirt. Over time, the rubber around the CV boots wears out, which can lead to joint wear. If you notice tears in your CV boots, it is best to replace them immediately. Everything CFMoto Offroad has several ZForce CV boot replacement kits that are an excellent fit for your UTV. 

Besides axles and CV boots, you can find ZForce axle boots, ZForce axle guards, and other related axle components on this page.