Air Intake

Whether on an off-road trail, racing in the mountains, working on a farm, or raising dust in the deserts, your side-by-side is constantly tested and needs to breathe better. When your CFMoto ZForce breathes better, you automatically get more torque and better horsepower. Your side-by-side’s engine is basically a big air pump, and better airflow equals more oomph. The primary air flow restrictions on many stock air intakes include the paper air filter, the air inlet, and the intake box. To get more power on your ZForce, you need a sound air intake system, and we offer a wide range of air intake systems and parts here on EverythingCFMotoOffroad. 

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With just one or two cylinders, as the case may be, your ZForce is more similar to a motorcycle than a car. Notwithstanding, the primary concepts of internal combustion are the same; your vehicle needs fuel, oil, and clean air to operate optimally. All of these substances have dedicated systems that need to be configured correctly. 

How To Choose An Air Intake for your CFMoto ZForce

Regarding the air intake system, the configuration largely depends on the operating conditions and engine type. It is common knowledge that the operating conditions for most UTVs are far from perfect as these vehicles slug it out with sand, debris, mud, dust, and the like. With this in mind, getting a sound air intake system is important. Here are some things to consider when shopping for CFMoto ZForce air intake.

  1. ZForce-Specific Design

Different manufacturers design their air intake to suit specific UTVs, makes, models, and years. Verifying that a product fits your side-by-side before you place that order is important, and this will help prevent misfits and subsequent air intake problems.

  1. Water Protection Level

When shopping for an air intake, you should consider the level of protection from water and wet weather. If your terrain consists of wet areas, like deep puddles or streams, ensure that your air inlet is above the water level. If it sucks in water, you might have a hydro locking or engine failure problem on your hand.

  1. Air Filter

The air filter plays a vital role in trapping dust, sand, and debris, and manufacturers are always trying out different materials and structures to optimize the air filter. If dust or sand manages to penetrate your engine, it can prove disastrous. To avoid this, ensure the air filter is appropriately sealed to prevent air leakage.

Besides the ZForce air intake hose and air intake filter, EverythingCFMotoOffroad also has throttle bodies, intake manifolds, Zforce air intake snorkel, and ZForce air intake sensors. You can go through our catalog to select the components that match your needs while upgrading or restoring your CFMoto Zforce.